Who Am I?

Who am I? Read or listen to the following statements and try to determine who each is referring to:

  1. I am one of the most influential men in the New Testament. Who am I?
  2. I probably did not write any of the books of the New Testament. Who am I?
  3. I am, however, indirectly responsible for many of the books of the New Testament. Who am I?
  4. I am not one of the apostles or one of the major, chosen deacons or leaders of Acts 6. Who am I?
  5. Without me you probably would not be able to read Paul’s epistles, Acts, or the Gospel of Mark. Who am I?
  6. I am best known because of the special title early Christians gave me. Who am I?
  7. I am someone that was able to push others forward, building them up. Who am I?
  8. I always strengthened the church and expanded the kingdom of God. Who am I?
  9. I am able to turn unprofitable ministers into profitable ones. Who am I?
  10. Next to Jesus (in the Book of Acts) I am probably the only other minister described as doing good. Who am I?
  11. Because of my life and ministry the believers were first called “Christians.” Who am I?
  12. My nickname is mentioned twenty-four times in Acts. Who am I?
  13. My real name is Joseph. Who am I?

Have you figured it out? How many questions did you go through before you came to your conclusion? I am writing about Barnabas. He was such an encourager. I want to emulate his qualities. “For he was a good man (good in himself and also at once for the good and advantage of other people” (Acts 11:24, AMP).

Barnabas was an encourager. Am I? Are you?

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2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Very Good , I had to think was ready to Open my Bile to Acts. I love things like that it keeps me on my toes. I have a game Bible Challenge, it is great for the family. It asks questions you would never think about and it really shows how much I don’t know about my Bible. Thanks that really encouraged me to study even more closely . I would like to encourage you to do more like that LOL My poor attempt of being a Barnabas…. As a matter of fact, However it is my believe in Bible studies to encourage those in the group by letting them have a role in the study. Things like asking them to open or close in prayer. We would have sessions throughout the week called Care Fellowship groups or cell groups, they are like a small personal Church service in the home midweek. You have Prayer, Worship, Bible study, Testimonies and a small fellowship snack, pizza ect. not quite dinner These are great for getting the people involved in ministry. You can encourage the people by giving them something to do (Minister). By maybe leading the prayer for the group or worship one week. All of these help each individual to grow and learn how to minister. Also these groups help people to win souls , also a new person isn’t intimidated by a smaller group for the first time Church visit. I have seen many people receive the Holy Ghost in these groups, they have even grown into churches.
    Thank you very much, I have been encouraged by your article May Jesus Richly Bless You, From your Brother Eddie Meadows.

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