Do You See Elephants or Frogs?

A preacher friend’s son, and his boy, went on an excursion to the local zoo, to see all the animals. In one enclosed area, across a small pond, there stood huge elephants and towering giraffes. The Dad tried to get the attention of his little son, “Look, see the elephants.” Amazingly, the boy was captivated by a frog leaping from the little pool of water. Every time the father would say, “Look, son, see the elephants, and the giraffes,” the boy would respond, “Frog. Frog!” Finally, the Dad pulled the son, away from the enclosure, and they moved along. The little boy kept crying, “Frog. Frog. Frog.” Isn’t that like us sometimes? God’s wants to show us the elephants, giraffes; the mighty things He wants to accomplish in our lives and ministries. Yet, all we see are the insignificant frogs.

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