She Didn’t Leave Like She Came

By Jarvis Munn,
AIM, Ghana

Saturday, July 9th 2011 was a day that will not soon be erased from my memory. Sis. Carter, Rev. Albert Awuku, and I attended a joint service in Zua, in the Upper East Region of Northern Ghana. There were 188 in attendance. All were there to meet with the Lord, and receive the blessing that He had in store for them.

When we first arrived there was an elderly lady sitting along the side of the church. She had a sizable lump on her neck, almost as if it was in her throat, and it was comparable in size to that of a softball. The service continued, and after the Word of God had been delivered, the offer was made for those who were in need of the Holy Ghost and of healing to come forward. Almost the entire congregation came forward, expecting great things from God.

Great things certainly came! There were thirty filled with the Holy Ghost, and thirty-four claimed their healing. For this one particular lady, healing was extremely evident. After prayer for healing, she reached out, and the lump began to shrink. It shrank and shrank for the remainder of the service until it was virtually unnoticeable. God had without a doubt touched her with His mighty healing virtue, and we praise Him for that.

She didn’t leave like she came!

Photo by Wootang01

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