The Door is Now Open!

Reaching the Newest Nation on the Planet

Years ago, Patrick Groves met Africa Regional Director, Jerry Richardson, in Detroit, at one of our general conferences. He expressed his burden for Sudan, Africa. Brother Richardson listened intently and responded that he was thrilled with Brother Grove’s burden. He too had been praying for years. But, unfortunately, at the time, the door to evangelize Sudan was “closed.”

Photo by maistora

Missionary Patrick Groves, at the 2011 East Africa Sub-regional Conference, testified about what God was doing in one of the nations. Guess which one? You are right, Sudan. There was a pastor from there in the conference.

We now have three small churches. Brother Groves shouted triumphantly, “The door is now open!”

Photo by di_collins

Two of the three churches in Sudan are in the southern part of the nation. Southern Sudan became an independent nation on July 9, 2011. Any idea what that means? The United Pentecostal Church International has the opportunity to reach the newest country on the planet. We are already there.

Paul Orjala said, “When God wants to send a message, He wraps it up in a person and sends the person.” And we already have a missionary under appointment. Missionary Patrick and Jean Groves, along with their three children were appointed in March 2004. They have been working in Kenya, the neighboring country to Sudan. In Kenya, Brother Groves and a local pastor are working with people from Sudan. Already, twenty have been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

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