Another Modern Day Miracle

Last fall Bro Miguel, the pastor in San Lucas, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala had three heart attacks on a Sunday afternoon after church. After weeks of testing and medicines her was informed that he had five dead spots in his heart, all of his arteries were blocked with only 30% of his heart functioning. Unfortunately there was no one in Central America that could help him. Medically the only possibility of help was in the US or Europe. But Bro Miguel had faith that God would heal him. After many prayers and much faith, this past Sunday he read the doctor’s letters to the church. The doctors are dumbfounded. Their report states that he has either received a heart from someone else or his heart is completely healed. God completely healed him! The doctor said it is like having a transplant because his heart is like the heart of a young person. All the dead parts of the heart are now alive and functioning. The doctors claim it is “unexplainable.” This is the hand of our miraculous God!