Regret and What to Do about It


Neil Roese in If Only makes a profound distinction of two kinds of regret:

  • Regret of action.
  • Regret of inaction.

Simply put:

  • Wish I had not done something (action).
  • Wish I had done something (inaction).


  • Wish I hadn’t (action).
  • Wish I had (inaction).


  • Things I should not have done (action).
  • Things I should have done (inaction).

Whichever, ouch!

  • Mistakes made (action).
  • Opportunities missed (inaction).

That translates theologically into:

  • Sins of commission (action)
  • Sins of omission (inaction)

But, there doesn’t have to be regret. Flip things around.

Opportunities abound:

  • Past opportunities: What might have been?
  • Future opportunities: What can be?

Jim Rohn speaks of two types of pain in life:

  • Pain of regret.
  • Pain of discipline.


  • Regret weighs tons.
  • Discipline weighs ounces.


  • Pain now (discipline)
  • Pain later (regret)


  • Repent over regrets.
  • Throw off the weights.
  • See and cease the opportunity.
  • Run after it with patience and persistence.
  • Look to Jesus. He will help! (Hebrews 12:1-2)


  • Forget the past.
  • Make the best of the future (Philippians 3:13).

Live life to God’s fullest potential with a determination of no regrets in mind.

photo credit: cesarastudillo via photopin cc