The Insanity of God


I’m reading Insanity of God. It has challenged my status quo mindset. It shakes up my safety, security, and tosses in suffering. It has been hard to put the book down. I’ve actually been avoiding any trip I’ve felt was unsafe. I’m challenged to change that. There is a suffering world many miles from my office door. How challenging to know young people are willing to risk all to step through those doors and we get to mentor them. I’m tempted to sometimes tell them stay safe, stay secure, and avoid suffering. How boring–and how easy to miss the mark of how God wants to lead to the waiting and the wounded. I feel revived each time I lift up my eyes and look at the whitened harvest. Looking up from safety and security; looking out to the sad and suffering. I’m amazed and surprised by the Insanity of God. Or is it insanity after all? You’d have to read the book to truly understand. Please do. You may never be the same. I hope so!

3 thoughts on “The Insanity of God

  1. OK… you inspired me. Just downloaded the book to Kindle… (my kindle is beginning to look like bookshelves back home… the “Yet to read” pile is getting bigger!) 🙂

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