Give All You’ve Got

The story is often told of Mary and Joseph making the long journey to Bethlehem for the census.  Mary and Joseph are turned away by an innkeeper who proclaims,  “There is no room for you in the Inn.”  Songs have been written about this, and messages preached.  As the Innkeeper turns the couple away, he remembers that he has a stable, and offers for them to stay there.  The Innkeeper is blamed for being insensitive to Mary’s condition and not being able to discern that it was the King of Kings that would be born in that stable.  However, there is another aspect.  He could have sent the family away from his premises all together.  But, when he saw Mary’s condition and assessed the situation, he offered the only available space in his inn – a stable.  The Innkeeper’s suggested response reminds us that:

God never requires anything more from us, than what we are able to give.  


How often have we declined to offer what we had because we didn’t think it was good enough?  He can take our little and make it grow just by His touch.  One man has said, “Little is much when the Master is in it.” How many times have you failed to give what you had because you did not feel it was enough?  Even in areas of financial giving, be reminded that if you can’t do something BIG, why not do something Small?  If we all would give a little then a lot would be accomplished.  Don’t do nothing just because you can’t do everything.  And when it comes to you, God only expects you to give what you have.  The few talents that you have when yielded to the Lord Jesus can accomplish much.  You may feel that you are not rich enough, talented enough, or smart enough to be used of the Lord.  Put these feelings aside, surrender yourself to God, and give it all you’ve got.

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