A Very Little Man in a Very Big Tree


Once upon a time there was a very little man and a very big tree. Their relationship to each other, my friends, is a very interesting story. You see, one day the very little man had a very big problem. This is what it was: He wanted to see a King and he was too selfish; too much of a bad man; too proud; and too short to see Him. (He didn’t deserve to see him anyway.) Yet, being used to getting what he wanted he was sure he would find a way. As he was mulling over his predicament he looked up and saw it: the very big tree. So, he decided to climb it, borrowing it’s height as his own so that he could see. When he reached the top, he found that he could indeed see very well. He watched breathlessly from his tall perch, his eyes glued to the King who wore no crown. Suddenly, the man he wanted so much to see looked up and called his name: “Zacchaeus! Come down from that tree! I’m going to your house today!” So the very little man climbed out of the very big tree and went home with the very big God – The God That Visits.

Great story! It’s incomprehensible how a God with so many other things to do and so many places to visit would take the time to visit Zacchaeus. Yet, He did. Now, He is willing and waiting to visit with us as well. “God is so very big and we are so very small” you may say. “How can we ever be deserving of a visit from Him?” Well, you certainly do not want to miss any of His potential visits and should prepare for them by serving, obeying, magnifying, and expecting Him all the time. Yet, when it all boils down to it, the best of us very little people still find ourselves very little deserving of a visit from a God such as ours. That is one of things that makes Him so unique. He loves us all and wants to spend time with each and every one of us. All we need provide is the desire to see Him. We serve the God that visits even the undeserving.

3 thoughts on “A Very Little Man in a Very Big Tree

  1. Thanks Jesus for your love. (He wants to spend time with each and every one of us.) He blessed me with this sentence!! God bless….Giovanni P.

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