Building a Bridge through Prayers


A missionary named Dan Crawford was returning to his village mission in Africa after furlough. Deep in the jungle he came across a flooded river that made it impossible to pass over. No boats were available to cross; and it was dangerous to swim. They decided to camp there and prayed the Lord would show them a way to get across. During the night a huge tree fell into the water and in the morning he saw his prayer had been answered. The tree was their bridge to the other side. Your prayers serve as the bridge between your questions (needs) and God’s answers.

The words of a hymn seem appropriate:

“Got any rivers that seem to be uncrossable? Got any mountains you cannot tunnel through? God specializes in things that are impossible. And He will do what no other friend can do.”

“Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice” (Psalm 55:17).

“A person who makes time to pray will find a God who takes time to answer.”

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