Elements of Church Growth in the Local Church – Part Two

Part One

The church is designed to be a world-wide force for evangelism and impact in society. How can this be done? We cannot have realistic church growth without preaching the message of the Early Church (Acts 2:38). Preaching from our pulpit is Word-centered, anointed, and also relevant and practical to the people.

Consider five elements of church growth based on Acts 2:41-47. In order for the church to grow, each of these principles must be operating in the church and they must be in balance. There is not one that is considered to be more important than another and each are necessary.

4. Ministry

This is expressing our love for others and meeting their needs. If we are not meeting people’s needs then we are not ministering. The church ministers to different types of people (ladies, men, children, youth, prisons, hospitals) with different types of needs. These needs fall into the four categories that make up a man: spiritual, physical, social, and emotional. Our ministry is often enriched through prayer. It has been said, “A prayerful church is a powerful church.” We anticipate God moving in every service; at home and collectively when we all come together. We create the environment through our prayer (bringing down the power of God) and praise (bringing down the presence of God). In Acts they ministered from “house to house.” We need to effectively endeavor to build faith at home. Our combined faith is explosive when we all meet together at church.

5. Evangelism

If we do not try to witness and evangelize, people will not come into the church. We cannot expect people to walk in off the streets but we must go to where the people are. When we make an effort to evangelize we are showing the world we are a reaching body. We are reaching for those outside of our church who are in need with a desire to provide hope and help.

If we are able to have all five elements operating in our church, and give them proper attention, the direct result will be: “And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved” (Acts 2:47).

So, if you are looking for me, I’m not lost, but can be found at church.

Putting it into practice:

  1. Be faithful to church.
  2. Make sure your children are in Sunday school.
  3. Invite someone to church. Do it again. And again!
  4. Have church at home.
  5. Pray for the church. Come early for services and prepare for God to move.
  6. Continually thank God for the church.
  7. Always talk positively about the church. It’s what we want people to be part of.
  8. Faithfully support the church.
  9. Implement and encapsulate the five principles highlighted in this blog.
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