Melinda for the Churches

by Melinda Poitras

Where? Ghana, West Africa.

Why? I still remember the moment that I was reading through a history of apostolic missions and I found it. “March 2, 1989. Birth of Melinda Poitras, future Missionary.” I thought, at that moment, that such a declaration was horribly unfair. What if I wanted to be a doctor? Or a lawyer? Or a novelist? Or a waitress? To have a life plan inked into a history before one is even old enough to read it seemed unjust indeed. That’s the thing about life – it isn’t fair.

It isn’t fair that I was birthed into a family who ate, slept, and breathed souls, saints, writing, teaching, and missions. It isn’t fair that I got to begin my missionary career by spending nineteen years involved in various kinds of ministry in Africa. That I have lived in Ghana and Nigeria and spent time in the Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Malawi, Liberia, and South Africa. It isn’t fair that I had a missionary mother who became one of the first AIMers when Robert Rodenbush launched the pilot program – the same program that enables me to become an AIMer myself thirty one years later. That’s the thing about blessings – they’re rarely “fair.”

I have already spent nineteen years in Africa, but it turns out that isn’t enough. Because the country I grew up in has a population of roughly 24,965,816 people who need the Lord. I need to tell them. I have to admit, it’s beginning to look like I may never be a waitress.

When? January to June of 2013.

What? Teaching in the Bible School. Developing a series of lessons for Young Adults. Working with the Bible Study Group at the University of Ghana campus. Assisting in the homeschooling of Allanah and Stephen Sisco.

How? With your support.

The harvest is great

The laborers few

Ghana needs me

And I need you

To join Melinda financially in ministry please send your offering to Melinda Poitras c/o James Poitras, Global Missions, 8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood, Missouri, 63042

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One thought on “Melinda for the Churches

  1. Melinda, this is one of the best articles I have ever read!  It just isn’t fair that you’re so good!  ha ha  May God go with you and use you or His glory!

    Sharon Nelson


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