Jumping in June

Someone once remarked that if you want to impact the world: build a model church, preach to preachers, and write books. The Lord has blessed me to be part of building model Bible schools globally through GATS, opened doors for me to preach to preachers, and blessed my efforts in writing books. June provided ample opportunities to preach to—or fellowship with—preachers. Our first stop was the East Africa faculty education seminars.

Participants at East Africa Faculty Improvement Seminar

Brother Sisco and Sister Poitras joined me as we taught twelve of the Advance Educators Series lessons. Brother Sisco returned to Ghana while Sister Poitras and I remained in Nairobi to teach a couple of GATS related sessions at the East Africa Sub-regional conference. I especially enjoyed teaching two new lessons: one was on expanding our Bible schools from central locations to the local church. It was called, “Going Local” and I believe it is a trend of the future and will multiply our training efforts. I also enjoyed teaching on the “Forgotten Component of the Great Commission.” Many think the main verb in the Great Commission is the word “go” but it really is the word “teach” commonly translated as to “make disciples.” Both of these lessons have joined the Advance Educators Series.

We returned home to Accra in time for the annual Bible school graduation. Brother Sisco and staff did a fabulous job with it. Over seven hundred attended and we had eight graduates for the ripened harvest. There is nothing like multiplying yourself into the lives of others. Bible school—as you have often said—is one of the most important things we do. 

A Couple of the Eight Graduates

Immediately following the graduation visitors started arriving for the West Africa sub-regional conference. We had delegates from thirteen nations and I think the conference was the best ever. I enjoyed preaching about the symbolic significance of the 153 fish caught in John 21. Truly, the intent of the Great Commission is taking the Gospel “to every tribe and nation: JESUS.” Our regional missions offering was almost $10,000.00 and more will be coming in. We are sending the message and training the messenger.

Preaching at West Africa Sub-regional Conference 2011

After recuperating from sub-regional conference I’ve spent the week drowning in GATS work and writing the Advance Educators lessons.

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